I do not know if I told you some other time, Cheese is a food I like, any cheese, cured, fresh, Creamy, blue,.. I love! And on occasion I considered it, but I felt something hard and always thought I should start with a simple type. Then I met Pilar cheese, of Cook and Spoon, developed a few days ago, and thought, ¡A por el! ..!! And here it is !! Only I can say that tasted great, and appears to lie, how simple it is to make…. Good, as did two (in the right photo you can see one of them, out of that size with the amount that you put), one we take it as is and with the other I made this mousse, Delicious ! And how can I tell you preparing cheese and mousse. Certainly, Pilar tells us, hard cheese in the fridge 3 days (ours did not come to much ..).


  1. We started preparing the cheese last night to rest, at least, 6 hours. This warmed milk in a saucepan with the cream and salt. When it starts boiling add lemon juice and leave over low heat for 2 minutes. After that time, remove from heat and let stand 20 minutes.
  2. We cover a colander with cheesecloth and snuck “Cheese”. Remove the serum has been delivered and will leave a container underneath to keep slowly draining the rest. We close the gauze as a bundle and leave in refrigerator overnight. In the morning the cheese will be made.
  3. We prepare the fruit sauce. For this, we get the berries from the freezer about an hour before use. We fire the water with the blackberry liqueur and sugar, minutes and boiled. We added red berries, and leave everything to low heat for 5-7 minutes. Once out of the fire, we tune and beat them in a blender. Next, we strain the sauce through a sieve to remove all seeds.
  4. To prepare the mousse we beat cheese with red fruit sauce (absolutely cold) and, with a pastry bag split the mousse into the glasses.
  5. We set up the cream with icing sugar and decorate to taste mousses and, To enjoy!

I hope you have enjoyed this simple and, more than ever, casera foam, and will you cast to prepare. And so I say cheese, as well as being rich, You'll see what gives satisfaction to take a cheese made with your own hands! Good, at least I passed, perhaps because it was the first thing he did.. See you soon !!