Very good !!

How have the Holidays?, How about the holidays, that you have had the? Well I hope anyway, and you have returned eager to resume the routine, mostly because there is no other… eggs.

For me it has been a great holiday, I did many things, rested, enjoyed my family, of my people and nature, with very good weather most of the days. I can not complain, the truth. And also enjoyed friends, mates from school and basketball, with whom I spent a lovely evening, of Charleta and merendola. Thanks guys for the nice visit! Repeat soon.. :). And one of the things I made was this chocolate brownie black and white. It was the first time he did and, truly, was a pleasant discovery. Sure you do it again soon. Here you can see another brownie recipe published a few months ago.

I tell you now how I did it. We hope you enjoy the!


  1. Prepare a mold for brownie 23 cm. sideways, I greased and baking paper forramos.
  2. Heat in a water bath with white chocolate half butter, 125 gr., chopped. Dilute and mix well. Add 150 gr. sugar and 2 eggs, beaten, and mix with whisk to make a cream.
  3. Repeat the previous step, now with black chocolate and remaining butter. The same amounts of added sugar and egg, and make the cream.
  4. We add 50 gr. flour to the chocolate mixture and black, the remaining flour, the white chocolate. Stir very well both cream until blended completely.
  5. With the help of a spoon, put alternating stacks of each cream into prepared pan. The white chocolate mass will expand more and more fluid, I anticipate you. Once filling, with the aid of a skewer, mixing eddies created masses.
  6. We put in the oven, preheated to 180 ° C., about 40-50 minutes, pricking or until we see that the center is made of chocolate and white areas look doraditas.
  7. Before cutting, let cool completely in pan.

I hope you liked it and you feel encouraged to do! See you soon… Encouragement to return to the “reality”!

See you soon !!