Ago 1 year, a day like today 16 January, my youngest son was born, Paul. It was a beautiful, healthy baby who weighed 4,900 kg (yes, yes .. you read that right, lol) and, on today, is a child full of health and joy that is a perfect tandem with his brother Mario in terms of mischief, complicity and joy to their parents. Last Saturday we made her birthday party, and this was one of the cakes, with all my love, Prepared the. Hope you enjoy the.


  1. We started preparing the cakes. This time, instead of a high and cut, As on other occasions, I 3. For them I used three molds 23 cm. Hunter with butter. We start by melting the chocolate in a bain marie.
  2. Sift the flour and mix with the salt and baking.
  3. In a bowl, we beat the butter and, little by little, can we add the two sugars, Continue beating while, until a homogeneous mixture and fluffy.
  4. Add the eggs, one by one, while constantly beat them. We do not add the next until the previous one is completely dissolved in the mixture.
  5. Add the vanilla and beat and, then, add the melted chocolate and beat again until it has thoroughly mixed with the dough.
  6. We take yogurts and, little by little, the flour mixture, baking soda and salt, while constantly beat them.
  7. We deal in mass 3 baking pans and let cakes, one by one, in preheated oven at 180 º C for about 30 minutes. Once out, let cool and invert. I made the cake the day before, and left resting overnight wrapped in plastic wrap in the refrigerator (or in a cold place).
  8. Prepare a syrup by simmering a cup of water with sugar for a few 13-15 minutes. We booked it as it cools to use it.
  9. We do the padding. This Whip the cream with a barillas. When we begin to harden by adding, little by little, icing sugar, Continue beating while. The mount until peaks form.
  10. Coverage prepare. This warmed, to boil, 300 ml de nata. Then pour over the chocolate, we will have pre-chopped. After a couple of minutes, stirring until it forms a smooth thick paste, and we tune. On the other hand, assemble the remaining cream and incorporate, carefully, to the chocolate.
  11. Assemble the cake. Pair this we placed the biscuits, moistened with the syrup and cover with a layer of cream. Thus the first and second, and “close” with the third only moistened with syrup. We then applied the chocolate, smoothing with a spatula once covered the entire cake is. At last, decorate the surface with a pastry, using the excess coverage, and sprinkle with cocoa powder. The cake is ready !! We leave in the refrigerator a few hours to take consistency.

At least one hour before going to taste the cake, we will remove the refrigerator so that the cover chocolate softens slightly… And to enjoy !! I hope you enjoyed. In brief I tell you the recipe I made another cake for the birthday of my little, and that was a resounding success. See you soon !!