White chocolate mousse with strawberry and caramel

por Encar, January 24, 2012 1:47 pm

Mousse de chocolate blanco con fresa y caramelo


El otro día os comentaba en nuestra página de Facebook[1] I had prepared a dessert for a dinner with friends and had left Mmmm delicious super !!! For this is. I knew it would be good, but after resting for several hours in the fridge I can not say anything but !death was ! As you can see in the ingredients, is a dessert “for adults” because it takes a significant amount of alcohol, and this adds a great, is certainly a luxury mousse, an exquisite dessert where they exist. And I tell you and how..


I hope you liked the recipe and to do it because you animéis going to leave your guests delighted to, I assure. The amounts given for 6 glasses like the ones you see. On the other hand, decoration you can add to the glasses is varied, and other options that come to mind are, for example, riding the leftover whites with a little sugar and decorate with meringue; Use whipped cream, other fruits, put chocolate sauce just above … I'll leave that to your choice. See you soon !!


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