Today I bring you a perfect bread for the following: slice cut, spread, eat… slice cut, spread, eat … and so repeat the process until, without realizing, disappears bread. The will, believe me if you do at home, the will… Before a spongy bread that does not resist one! The touch of nuts gives an incredible taste, if this love fruts dry as mi, will see how delicious bread ….and if not, they can switch to other fruits that you will also wonderfully, hazelnuts, coconuts, … Just add that, is so easy and quick to make this delicious bread, not worth it to try to stop, and if you prove, Insurance will repeat!. Come up with the recipe..


  1. We prepare a mold of a fruit cake 26 cm. long, buttered baking paper and covering the bottom.
  2. Pour the flour on the table, mixed with the yeast and make a hole in the center. Here we add the egg, sugar, chopped nuts and butter, that is at room temperature to work it better.
  3. Mix the ingredients with your hands, kneading gently with the help of a little milk, until dough is lightly.
  4. Put the dough into prepared pan, the cover with a cloth and let rest in a warm place for half an hour.
  5. After the rest period, bake bread in the oven, preheated to 180 º C, about 40 minutes or until golden we see that has been cleaned totalmete of the mold walls.
  6. Once out, and mild and, desmoldamos it and let cool completely before eating.

At last, commented that the, if you want to sweeten it a little more (bread, really, not too sweet) and, at par, add a decoration, You can sprinkle with powdered sugar when it is cold. I did not do, as you see in the pictures, but is another option that I suggest, especially for the sweet tooth. I hope you liked the recipe, See you soon!