Hi all !!

Today I want to tell you the recipe of one of the cakes I made, this time for the family party, on the birthday of my son Mario. This is a cake that combines these delicious cookies and blockbuster films, with the soft texture, creamy and delicious cheese mixed with cream cookies, la nata, chocolate sauce … Delightful, we! It seemed like a good choice for kids… and also for older, As!, and I do not take long to do it again, because I liked the result.

Sorry I can not offer you a better picture of the cut. This time I could not cut at home to take a picture “more inn” so, when we meet we take in and there was no electricity or proper lighting. But believe me, the cut was super consistent and, and the combination of the base, with cake batter and coverage of death was.

I tell you now how I prepared.


  1. Prepare a springform pan 18 cm. and began to prepare the cake, if possible, overnight.
  2. We removed the cream of classic Oreo cookies and reserve.
  3. Grind all cookies (without the cream and), except 8 halves that we will use later for the cake, whereby, the leave reserved. Mix crushed crackers with 85 gr. cheese and the paste placed in the mold base, pressing and leaving a uniform layer. We keep the mold in the fridge.
  4. Moisturize leaving the gelatin in cold water for a while. Heat the milk and, outside the fire, we add the gelatin well drained. Mix until blended and dispose, and reserve and let mettle.
  5. We set the cream and reserve in the fridge.
  6. We grind the 8 halves of biscuits we left aside.
  7. Beat with electric rods cheese, the reserved cream cookies and icing sugar. We add the 8 stockings crushed cookies and milk with gelatin, and stir well. Finally add the whipped cream, carefully mixing until it forms a smooth dough.
  8. Pour the above mixture over the biscuit base into the pan and turn to put in the fridge, at least a 3 hours, if possible, overnight.
  9. The next day we decorate the cake. This heat the cream until it almost starts to boil. The remove from heat and toss over the chocolate and butter, cleaved, in a bowl. After a couple of minutes, in which the chocolate is melted will, stir and mix until a smooth cream. Let rest in the refrigerator a few minutes until they take a bit of body.
  10. Desmoldamos the cake and bathe with chocolate sauce we prepared. We ended up putting the Oreo cookies decorated double cream to your taste. We leave it in the fridge until ready to serve and, when the time comes, To enjoy !!.

I hope you liked it and, See you soon!, more easy ideas, sooo sweet and rich. See you soon !!