Today I propose two recipes in one and, much as the other, You can use the other elaborations, or other finishes. Namely, let's be practical and kill several birds with one stone, What do you think?

We begin with the candied fruit. On this occasion I speak of the orange, but it might do well with other fruits. As you will see, confit is easy and can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time to, arises, use in cakes, cocas, roscón of Kings,..

As for the cupcakes, the two types of naranaja give it a delicious taste and aroma, and texture could not be more spongy. Also, cream decor with more caramel / orange, are beautiful and colorful. However, if you do not want so caloric and “complex”, ye can do without the cream and, even, without the candied orange, I assure you they are still delicious.

Without more, I hope this recipe will be useful to her and I animéis, or any of the uses and variations which lends. Here we go!

Preparation of candied orange

  • We put a saucepan on the fire with water and sugar;, when it starts to boil, it introduced the orange, previously washed and sliced. When you return to a boil, we lower the fire and let cook over low heat (slightly bubbly) some 2 hours, until the pulp looks bright.
  • We can use the orange as it is cool, or store in refrigerator, tightly closed in a boat, for use in the coming weeks (keeps well in this way).

Development of muffins

  • In a bowl, we beat the butter and cheese, sugar, zest and eggs until creamy.
  • Mix the flour with the baking powder and baking, and sift the mixture over the cream, later, Gently mix. We add one chopped candied orange slices to the mix, and stir gently again.
  • We have 12 Trained multiple role in muffin pan, and fill with the mixture without reaching the edge of the trainees. Cast over the other chopped candied orange slice.
  • Boil the muffins in the oven preheated to 175 º C, to medium, about 25 minutes. Then, we let them cool on a rack.
  • Coverage Preparmos beating the two types of cheese with the confectioners' sugar until blended into a single cream. With a pastry of star-shaped nozzle, decorate cupcakes with circular forms.
  • Cut the candied orange slice in triangular. Heat the sugar until caramel, on a plate painted with sunflower oil, candy shapes drawn with the aid of a spoon to dispense coffee in fine yarns.
  • We put on the cream orange triangles and forms of candy and, To enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed. Until next time!