Today I propose a recipe that will surprise you for sure the original combination of ingredients. It is normal, I too was impressed when I talked about it in one of my frequent trips to Sweden. Right there I tried it and thought it had to do it at the first opportunity. And here is.

As you know, chorizo ​​components in combination with almonds and sugar that produces a chemical reaction, to taste, transformed into a delicious dish any dish that will lead. So, the other ingredients of this cake has the mission to strengthen the body and flavor of this great combination, resulting in a true delicatessen.

I tell you the recipe and, I hope you enjoy and that you animéis to make it soon..


  1. We beat the cream cheese with, sugar, marzipan, nougat liqueur and paprika.
  2. Add the ground almonds, gelatin powder and vinegar, and stir until all components are integrated.
  3. Ducklings chorizo ​​and chop finely chopped, along with the vanilla and cinnamon, and mix well.
  4. We leave the previous preparation in the sun for two hours (here produce that wonderful chorizo ​​chemical reaction between sugar-almond-of which I spoke).
  5. We let the mixture sit in the refrigerator for 6 hours to take consistency.
  6. Once out, unmold and serve… To enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed. Sorry for not showing you pictures of the cut, but once they started to taste like the exquisite comesales, I did not have time nor was it a bit to photograph. See you soon !


Good, I forgot to tell you that this cake, whose translation into Spanish would be “Christmas Madness chorizo”, is a little joke that I have wanted to spend on the Day of the Innocents, I hope perdonar sepa. Although not a bad idea I think you do this recipe when you have a visit from these unwelcome, unwanted or do not want to go or send the clearest hints.. Ah, and the photo is of a curd cake a couple of centuries ago who walked by my computer (although that itself was good, eggs) Kisses for all !! And in a few hours I put something decent recipe.