This weekend we celebrate the saint of my husband, Carlos. For those who know him will tell you it's a great guy in every sense of the word, not only as a person, size but also: measured 2,02 mts. So, for a man as he is tall, I thought it best to make a cake that honor his “greatness”, and here I present to you. He loved and, I have to say that yours truly has a passion for chocolate (work it in sweet and, of course, Eat it!), so for me this experience was a great pleasure, and also, Death was the cake!!. Not a light dessert, the opposite, with a piece you stay delightfully satisfied, but after a little while, the body asks for more, Is the magic of chocolate!. Here's the recipe..


  1. Buttered deep pan, of 22 cm. and lined the base with greaseproof paper.
  2. In a bowl, we beat the eggs and icing sugar until creamy very light and frothy, about 10 minutes.
  3. Sift the flour with the powder and incorporate Caçapa half to the egg cream. Add the butter and, then, the rest of the flour with cocoa.
  4. We took the dough in pan and bake in the oven, preheated to 180 º C, for about 45 minutes, until the cake is spongy.
  5. After removing from the oven, let it cool slightly before unmolding and place on wire rack to cool completely (I did the night before).
  6. To make the filling, melt chocolate with butter over not very strong. , Remove from heat and add the icing sugar, mixing with wooden spoon, and let it cool. When almost cold beat them and we put it a few minutes in the refrigerator so that it takes more body (while that becomes hard, could not extend).
  7. Cut the cake into the desired layers with a serrated knife. After removing a thin top layer, to match this part, I cut it into three, I dared not more, but you can try four, is high enough.
  8. We place the source in which we will present the first layer, and covered with fill, trying to be well distributed and with equal thickness on all sides. So on.
  9. To make the coverage, chopped chocolate in a bowl and heated in a water bath to get rid. The move away from heat and add the cream, that we will also previously temperate. Stir until blended. When almost cold, but still manageable, cover the cake and we put it in the refrigerator to finish picking the right consistency (half hours).
  10. Garnish with strawberries and raspberries. In the case of strawberries in syrup, after wringing the juice, we leave them on paper towels to finish to shed moisture.

Only comment that, if you prefer to bake a cake and a small lower, you have to put half of all ingredients, the same mold (or a smaller diameter but a little high), and baking time 30- 35 minutes, with the same temperature. Also say that Carlos, and all other, sooooo enjoyed the cake, I think it was downright delicious, and I hope you feel encouraged to do so for a special occasion because you are going to succeed safe. See you soon!