Summer is here !! Ahead 93 days 15 hours of good weather and, many, many options to enjoy this pleasant season. Why not tell me that the summers are a time for fun things to make millions, relaxing, family, interesting, training, … And how many good memories come to mind us if we begin to remember some summers of our lives! For example, those from our childhood: in my case, very long evenings playing a thousand different things in the streets of my town, A Fonsagrada, for then was played both on the street… and when we gave the third warning mothers / parents, almost dark, back home, exhausted, satisfied, hungry , full of dirt and even some new wound (normal after dragged or thrown from either side, climbing the odd tree or wall, a fall of bike or skates, .. ). And then came other summers, also great, summers of adolescence and college, where and night out with friends are an important part (here I can not remember my dear friend Carmen… How well we had !! ), dating the first summer with my husband and all who came after, including the travel we did (not great, as follows) and clear, four years, summers with children, happy, only, steadily, enjoy watching them but always in the background and spinning all around them, What I will tell the majority who do not know ? Good, good, good, Many memories …. and many rich fruits the summer also brings! Yes, Cherries are a good example, Cherry Pie's a good way to take them, So here I leave my proposal for which I relied on suggestions from Rico and sugar and Gastronomy&Cia and took what I liked about both, with some modification … The result, Spectacular !!!


  1. One day, even from the days before, to make the cake, debone and wash the cherries in half partiéndolas. Mix them with sugar and brandy and let stand, covered, in the refrigerator.
  2. We started making the dough. To this mix flour, salt, sugar and yeast. Then we add the butter, at room temperature and water, little by little, and knead until a smooth elastic dough (we will take the amount of water needed to reach this point).
  3. Make a ball with the dough, wrap it in a cloth and let rest, at room temperature, one hour.
  4. After the rest period, knead slightly to remove air, separate 1/3 part to make the grid and stretch the rest with the help of a roller. We covered the mold with it and prick the base. Prepare the strips to make the grid.
  5. We took the cherry filling and close the pie dough strips interlacing. Paint the dough with beaten egg to form the grid and the edges of the cake and bake, in preheated oven at 180 º C, during 25-30 minutes (control the dough is cooked without browning too).
  6. Once out, let cool before removing from pan, although this cake can be enjoyed warm tamibién.

I hope you enjoyed…. Ah! Although the holidays and do not start, Happy summer! Not the start I still, so see you soon.

See you soon !!