The rolls that I bring today are ideal for a first foray into making homemade bread. They have a quick and easy preparation, affordable ingredients. On the other hand, it is sweet breads, but not too, so you can taste sweet accompaniment perfectly with both (chocolate, … ), like salt (Jamón york, with cream cheese are delicious,.. ) and, of course, take them as they, accompanying the coffee, the, and so on., as fruit and jam, are an exquisite sweet that makes their own. The texture is fantastic, fluffy and tasty.

We also comment, with the same mass, You can make different kinds of bread, namely, give different endings. I propose a version with NUTS, a little less sweet but equally rich. Without more, I hope that you find interesting these muffins for your next adventure pastry, and leave you and the recipe …


  1. In a bowl together 400 gr. flour, butter at room temperature, salt, yeast, the two yolks and sugar, and mix with your hands.
  2. Add the milk and apricots finely chopped, and continue mixing until dough begins to form a sufficiently liquid. Little by little, we are adding the remaining flour, constantly kneading the preparation, until a consistent mass.
  3. We joined the rolls and, for this, sprinkle each piece of dough with a little flour, if necessary, keeping them from sticking us in the hands.
  4. Once formed the buns, we make two slits on top to place the media later apricots (Now if we put, tostarían is too).
  5. We placed the rolls on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, not close together, widen it in cooking. Given that, with the amounts of the prescription, out a 14 buns (always depending on the size you decide), paths need two trays batches.
  6. Bake at 180 º C for 30- 35 minutes, or until golden brown. Cut apricots into two, or the pieces that we want, depending on what trim we want to put.
  7. When they are more or less temperate, paint rolls with apricot jam, put them apricot halves in the cracks that we made, so better stick. Then, also painted fruit jam.

For the preparation of rolls with NUTS apricots for change 150 gr. nut, finely chopped half for the inside of the rolls ,and the other half cut in half to decorate the outside. Also replace the jam cover with a layer of beaten egg applied before baking bagels. The process is the same.

As you have seen, are some simple breads are delicious, Can not ask for more!, Right?

I hope you have enjoyed. See you soon, That will be very happy!