Hi all !!

Today I propose a plan perfect for those rainy days we are having and that require us to spend more time at home: bread baking and, specifically, and white bread, What do you think? It is an easy recipe, although it requires quick, as you will see, two levied, but in any case a prescription and affordable for any rich. If you want to see other bread recipes I posted above, here they are.

I tell you and how to prepare this white bread, tender and delicious, Here we go!


  1. We prepare a plum cake mold or mold itself to bake bread with lid.
  2. Mix flour with salt and powdered milk.
  3. Add, little by little, warm water and butter and chopped tempreatura environment, while constantly knead until all ingredients are integrated seamlessly and, finally, form a homogeneous elastic mass.
  4. Dilute the yeast in a little warm water or milk, and add to the mixture. Knead again.
  5. We form a ball and let rest in a floured bowl, covered with a cloth, for about one hour (until it has doubled in volume).
  6. After the rest period, sink the dough by hand to get all the air. Flatten and stretch the dough roller. Then roll up and seal the edge by pinching with your fingers.
  7. Introducing the dough in a plum-cake mold (in which we will bake bread) lined with baking paper, the cover with a cloth, and again let stand half an hour (until doubled in volume).
  8. After the second rest period, sprinkle with sesame bread and cook, in preheated oven at 200 º C, for about 35 minutes. If you in tengáis a mold pan with lid, You can use a cookie sheet with a weight on top (otro molde of plum cake, for example, water filling) to cover the pan during cooking.
  9. Once out of the oven, let stand a few minutes before removing from pan to finish cooling on a rack.

I hope you enjoyed today's recipe, I've seen in L'Exquisit. And I hope you feel encouraged to make, especially if you usually eat bread, because as healthy homemade bread, none! ;)

See you soon !!