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Cookies de avellana y chocolate

Cookies de avellana y chocolate

Amazing, some cookies with a mixture of tastes absolutely delicious.
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Galletas de melaza y lima-limón

Molasses cookies and lemon-lime

A recipe for repeat. A unique cookies, irresistible, only.
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Galletas de canela y nueces a la naranja

Cinnamon rolls with orange and walnuts

An exquisite blend of flavors for a very aromatic biscuits
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Galletas de café con chocolate mousse

Galletas con chocolate coffee mousse

A proposal that combines two flavors marry perfectly.. some scrumptious cookies.
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Caracolas de almendra

Almond shells

A delicious almond pasta, Simple and easy to prepare ... Perfect!
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Galletas de mandarina y jengibre

Mandarin and ginger biscuits

How about starting the day with this delicious combination of flavors and crisp?
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Marañuelas de Candás

Marañuelas of Candás

These delicious cakes are a real gem of the Asturian traditional desserts
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Delicias de vainilla y chocolate

Vanilla and chocolate delicacies

There are countless versions of pastries and cookies. Here I suggest some delicious pasta, easy to make and looks great. I hope that gusten.
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