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Banana Bread

Banana Bread

A delicious recipe, almost eighty years of history and preparing worldwide
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Panecillos variados

Rolls varied

Crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy crumb. Delicious, and very easy to prepare
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Pan blanco de molde

White bread mold

A bread made easily and with great results: tender, fluffy and natural ..!
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Panecillos de yogurt

Yogurt Muffins

Nothing better than homemade bread ... and these muffins are a good example, Delicious!
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Pan espiral con chocolate

Chocolate Swirl Bread

The usual lunch, the more we like them all .... but with an original format
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Trenza dulce de yogurt y pasas

Braid fresh yogurt and raisins

A delicious bread .. with the soft touch of yogurt and the unmistakable flavor of raisins
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Pan de especias bajo en calorías

Gingerbread and low in calories

A sweet and very aromatic, ideal for those who are dieting or not .. Is delicious!
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Pan dulce de nueces

Sweet bread with walnuts

A delicate and fluffy bread, with the unmistakable touch of nuts ... splendid, I love!
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Panecillos de albaricoque o nueces

Apricot and walnut muffins

If you have never made bread, these muffins are the perfect occasion to start: are easy and perfect for enjoying breakfast or snack
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