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Cookies de avellana y chocolate

Cookies de avellana y chocolate

Amazing, some cookies with a mixture of tastes absolutely delicious.
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Pastel de plátano con capa tutti-frutti

Pastel de plátano head with tutti-frutti

Celebrating one year blog .... and with this exquisite cake, Can not ask for more
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Bizcocho relleno de ciruelas y ricotta

Plum cake and ricotta filling

and ... We go on vacation !!
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Quiche de espárragos verdes a los tres quesos

Green asparagus quiche three cheeses

The cheese blend, with the touch of nuts and juiciness of the vegetables give rise to this attractive and tasty cake
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Casatta Siciliana

Casatta Sicily

A cake with a great tradition, delicious and majestic as the island from which
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Muffins de avellanas con chocolate

Avellanas con chocolate muffins

A perfect proposal for a snack or breakfast tempting, delicious and very easy to prepare
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Pan espiral con chocolate

Chocolate Swirl Bread

The usual lunch, the more we like them all .... but with an original format
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Bizcocho de vainilla y chocolate con crujiente de avellanas

Vanilla and chocolate cake with hazelnut crunch

An excellent proposal and delicious snack or breakfast for the perfect
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Bizcocho dos chocolates con avellanas

Two chocolates with hazelnut biscuit

Pure cocoa and white chocolate, with a touch of coffee and nuts .. luxury ingredients for a cake irresistible
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Pastel de avellanas con frutos rojos

Hazelnuts with red fruit cake

A simple and delicious cake for the contrast of flavors that provide the ingredients, and a sweet cover ideal for discerning palates. The cut is a feast for the eyes and palate.
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