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Tronco tres chocolates

Tronco very chocolates

My Birthday Cake
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Tarta de crema de orujo con grosellas

Cream pie with currant pomace

Delightful liquor, soft and sweet, acid combined with a touch of berries and chocolate.. Exquisite!
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Bizcocho de lima y zarzamoras con crema de queso

Lime and blackberry cake with cream cheese

The flavor and aroma of lime in combination with red berries add a different touch and exquisite
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Mousse de queso casero y frutos rojos

Homemade cheese mousse and red fruit

We learn to make cheese and then transform this delicious red fruit foam
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Tartaletas de manzana y frutos rojos

Apple tarts and berries

A dessert as spring .... juicy, color, full of vitamins and flavor
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Pastel de avellanas con frutos rojos

Hazelnuts with red fruit cake

A simple and delicious cake for the contrast of flavors that provide the ingredients, and a sweet cover ideal for discerning palates. The cut is a feast for the eyes and palate.
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