Last Saturday 12 May I had the pleasure of attending organized in Madrid by Kedada Tito. Therefore, before briefly chronicles tell of the wonderful day we spent, I want to thank my fellow countryman (Galician is also) for planning and organizing the event great. I think it went all round, … was perfect.

I have to admit I was a little nervous because, besides carrying just over half a year with the blog, and therefore, be a little newbie in this world, did not know anyone personally knew most of them had been in the past. But it was reached and gradually feel more and more relaxed talking with peers and, above all, seeing that we had much in common and that many issues related to our hobby talk: the illusion, time and effort it “stealing” of our daily, agglomeration of pots at home, joy and gratitude for the people who follow you, by the people you'll find, the enrichment that this process involves, our culinary failures, … For me this was totally new in my environment because not only well but I have people, sometimes, I even look like a freak and wonder why 6 hours making a cake when you can buy a great bakery on the corner? In the end… then, normally, happy to eat it, I must say.

The planing of the day could not be better. We started staying at the Plaza de Chueca where we take something on a terrace, after lunch in the restaurant The Original, and finally we went to the terrace of a nearby hotel where he had a tremendous atmosphere in and, there, mecachis!, I had to go.. but I guess the celebration continued for others. Good, to go into details I am going to show the photos (PINCHAD to expand if you want a closer look) and I am telling you.

This is the restaurant where we ate, “The Original”, a great choice in my opinion, a nice place, beautiful and a great service and a letter.

Here we are almost all attendees bloggers. I tell you who we were starting with my row: Ellen on my right The box of nieveselena; to my left Dove Colometa cuinereta; then, Anne How many hours in the day?; Hugo and Naiara of Sushi de Jamón; Tito Complications of the fair; Jeanne The kitchen of Babel; Loli and Africa, and your partner (sorry, I do not remember your name ..) of My cupboard; Ernesto de Cooking on my mind; Olga Olguichi recipes; Carmen The Carmen rezetas and Sea Mar cuisine, which was accompanied by her husband, Manuel, when we see a little below. Later Anna joined the group of Fried Green Tomatoes

In this photo we see a little better to Ernesto, who had the detallazo bring us some great candies to everyone and was, also, sympathy and gentleness personified; Olga center, that you can not imagine what he knows of bread among other things this girl, I recommend his blog from now; and Carmen, a charm, I enjoyed talking with her and see what it was aiming applied even data that we discussed with respect to measures, and so on., looks like you learn and improve, a fantastic attitude in life, Do not you think? And standing, with the chamber, Sea, cooking although I could not talk much with it, yes we are talking about other issues of the day to day as interesting or more and, and a nice conversation I can not say that I found a beautiful woman.

In this photo we see Elena at my right, which proved to be very talkative and witty, I loved and enjoyed talking, for example, of buildings in Madrid, Discovering the architecture of a city that does not appear so at first glance as you walk by it, So that I like my… We also talked about cities and travel, another of my favorites, among many other topics, her, Carmen, Olga, and Mar and her husband Manuel (in the center), elapse at all times a pleasant conversation and made the time fly while enjoying the excellent menu. Manuel, a charming gentleman with a lot of initiative, also, made us all a fantastic proposal for an upcoming Quedada, to see if what we do… Hopefully!

This photo is our wonderful host, Tito. I did not know him personally, the blog itself (and non ..) and he had exchanged some comments on Twitter and little else, but he had heard of other bloggers, via post, Comment,.. always great things, And how right they! Is a person that quickly makes you feel as if you were known for many years, and it is not easy. And beside Juana, with whom I spent a little like Tito, I quickly felt in talking with her glory, listening to his wanderings on the blog, and their views on a lot of issues he, always telling it all with great joy and vitality and contagious.

In this photo, Joan then, are Loli and Africa with which I could not speak much, practically nothing, As with Naiara and Hugo. To see if the next time we talk, we know a little more.

Finally the group photo. I need to speak of Paloma, in the front row and center, which is a charm, funny and witty, was a pleasure to hear her speak; Ana, which is in the back row and is not very good here, but I loved it because you know your vein note speaking northern (Aviles is), freshness and character decided, and sympathy. Anna Finallmente, that it's not so good, who still long for their fantastic blog and a pleasure to finally meet in person.

Another group picture a little more complete.

To end this account only add that I love to meet you / know a tod @ s, was a great pleasure, I had a great time and, hopefully, we can repeat, if not in short (until some time in I do not give me the day off at home, example), at least next year.