In Incarnate's Bakery we want the web is becoming more manageable and closer to you, so I have nothing new to tell.

First, As you may have appreciated, We created an index of recipes you will find in the main bar of the home. At the rate of release of two recipes per week, as far, we have a variety of succulent proposals we ordered alphabetically to find them more easily the.

On the other hand, for a couple of weeks We're also on Facebook. So intend dispongáis a channel to inform you of updates to Incarnate's Bakery. There you will find all web publications, contributions more than the group that wants to make a page in relation to Incarnate's Bakery: photos of recipes from the web made by you, new proposals from the same, ideas, initiatives, Comment … or what you feel like sharing with the small community that we are now.

And tell you that today only, 20 November, which began two months ago Incarnate's Bakery and, if the first month we had 1400 visits, second month of life was closed with 1900 visits, Not bad!, Right? Also, Be there 65 subscribed via email and, at this time, we have 94 Friends on Facebook… I am happy to say, therefore, Incarnate's family's Bakery grows, every day we are to share recipes, experiences, Comment…. Thanks to all s !!

Coming soon introduce other innovations that, Haunted, Irene informed orally.

Thanks for being there!