Gráfico subidaToday we meet 1 month!

The last day 20 September started this site specializes in baking. The aim was to provide a product with its own stamp, You emphasizing detail and mime putting on each of the entries published.

The balance of this first month yields very promising numbers and a very promising future perspective, thanks above all to you, who are supporting this new personal project.

During this month the site received 1400 visits and have signed 36 people who want to receive new entries comfortably in your email.

I look forward to having your interest and follow to continue offering a selection of homemade cakes. Do not hesitate to contact me through the page contact, or comments area available in each of the entries, if you want to share any consideration of Encar's Bakery.

At last, I want to pay special tribute to the culinary websites who have graciously supported me through your comments on the different recipes. Thanks for the welcome, for your generosity and fellowship Piluka, Manu, Nose, Manderley, Chelo, and Reyes, Lydia, Arbor, Miquel, Ann, Carmen and Anna.

Thank you very much everyone for this first month!